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Whether you are searching for your next home or settling into your existing one, Cook Management is available to assist you.

When many of us think about property management in Gainesville, GA and Athens, GA, we think of people who work for the benefit of property owners and landlords. While professional property management companies do benefit these parties, we are also valuable to renters and tenants. If you’re considering a rental, here are some of the benefits our company rewards you.

Online Convenience
As opposed to private owners, professional property management companies offer added conveniences. Don’t have time to deposit your rent in person? Want to peruse available properties from the comfort of your home? Can’t reach the owner with a maintenance request? No problem. Online bill pay; maintenance and repair requests; rental applications.

Peace of Mind
Most tenants, at one time or another, have experienced the out-of-town landlord or the backlog of repair requests. Many owners don’t have the resources to efficiently manage their properties and most don’t have the extensive network of repairmen and contractors our company maintains. Regardless of the time of day … or night … we can efficiently field your request.

Secure Processes
One tenant benefit of property management is the security of having processes in place. Professional management companies know the tenant/landlord laws; we have long-standing complaint and referral processes; our leases are clear, accurate and protect all parties; and tenants are never left wondering what is expected, allowed and/or provided.

Where do you start if you’re looking for a North Georgia rental property? Be wise and begin with the professionals. Check our vacancies tab for the most current availability.