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Cook Management specializes in the management of homeowners associations, residential homes, multi-family homes, and apartment complexes.

We are a full-service management company with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. We are the buffer between the owner and the tenant. Our technology, systems and people are the keys to our successful business relationships. We provide monthly statements, emails and phone calls to keep you informed on your investment. Our goal is to minimize expense, headache and worry.

Maybe you never planned on being a landlord. Maybe you’ve been unable to sell your home, had to relocate for a job, or inherited a new property. Perhaps you are just entering the rental investment market and need to get your property rented—or are having difficulty with your existing tenant. Whatever your situation…rest assured that we are prepared to help. Leasing and managing a rental property is a complicated process. Done correctly, residential real estate can be a wonderful investment. But without following the appropriate steps and taking the necessary precautions, managing a rental property can be a disaster.

We have helped thousands of landlords either lease their first property or lease and manage their property for them. We make a complicated process simple. Cook Management gets your property rented quickly to qualified tenants, disburses rent checks on time, and inspects and maintains your property while it’s occupied…all the while complying with ever-changing laws and regulations for all types of properties.